Saturday, August 4, 2012

Australian Catholic University, Fethullah Gulen International Scholarship

Funded by the International Student Scholarship funds, the Fethullah Gulen International Scholarship was established in 2012 to support international students undertaking postgraduate research in the broad area of Muslim-Christian relations within the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.
  1. The Scholarship has a value of between 50-100% of the recipient’s tuition fees for the minimum duration of the course, or pro rata if the recipient has partially completed their course.
  2. The Scholarship is open to international students undertaking a postgraduate research program in the broad area of Muslim-Christian relationsin the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at any campus of Australian Catholic University.
  3. Applications must include:
    • a written statement of approximately 500 words outlining how the applicant’s studies will foster dialogue, understanding and collaboration between Islam and Christianity; and
    • evidence of acceptance into, or current enrolment in, a postgraduate research program within the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.
  4. Recipients are required to:
    • submit an annual report on the progress of their studies (approximately 300 words) together with a supporting statement (approximately 300 words), indicating satisfactory progress, from their principal project supervisor to the Faculty Executive Dean;
    • complete their studies in the minimum course duration; and
    • remain enrolled in the program for which they were granted the scholarship. Withdrawal or an interruption to studies may result in the award being terminated.
  5. The Scholarship will be awarded on the recommendation of a Selection Committee consisting of the Executive Dean, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Theology and Philosophy and Director of Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue.

The Selection Committee will not include a staff member who is supervising any applicants for the Scholarship. In the event that a Selection Committee member is the supervisor of an applicant, a substitute Committee member will be nominated by the Executive Dean.

The overall percentage value of the payment amount will be determined by the selection committee based on academic merit and strength of the application.

The Scholarship may not be awarded every year. Only one scholarship will be on issue at any time.

In the event that a student exceeds minimum course duration, an extension of the scholarship may be considered.

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