Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fethullah Gulen's book translated into Belarusian

Fethullah Gulen
A book by renowned Turkish-Islamic intellectual and scholar Fethullah Gulen, which has previously been translated into many languages, is now available in the Belarusian language.

Titled “Ölçü veya Yoldaki Işıklar” (Criteria or Lights of the Way), the book has been printed in Belarusian by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, becoming the first book in Turkish to be translated into the Belarusian language.

The book and its Belarusian version were recently introduced to Belarusian academics and scholars at a conference titled “Dünya Edebiyat Sürecinde Türkiye ve Belarus” (Turkey and Belarus in the Course of World Literature). Sergey Garanin, deputy head of the Language and Literature Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, spoke at the conference and said Belarusian readers are now able to access a book containing Gulen's teachings. “There is no doubt that Belarusian and Turkish people have stronger harmony and friendship after the translation of Gulen's book into the Belarusian language,” he stated.

Garanin also defined Gulen as a scholar who wishes to build bridges between different religions and cultures through dialogue. “Fethullah Gulen's efforts are aimed at creating an atmosphere of tolerance in the world,” he added.

Fethullah Gulen has written many books on a variety of religious and Islamic topics that attract a large number of readers from all around the world. In order for the books to reach even more readers, they have been translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish, Russian and English. Fethullah Gulen has also pioneered educational initiatives in a number of countries, along with efforts to promote intercultural and interfaith activities around the world.

One of the world's most influential Islamic scholars, Gulen topped the list of “The World's Top 20 Public Intellectuals” of Foreign Policy and Prospect magazines in 2008.


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