Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fethullah Gulen moot to explore meaning of life, model of ideal human

Ideal Human and Ideal Society in the Thoughts of M Fethullah Gulen

LAHORE: The editor of The Fountain, a Turkish magazine, has said that the purpose of international conference on “Ideal Human and Ideal Society in the Thoughts of M Fethullah Gulen” was to explore meaning of life and the model of ideal human and ideal society that have found their definitions in the thoughts of one of the most significant Turkish scholars Yesilova was addressing a press conference at Punjab University on Monday. 

The Fountain Magazine and Rumi Forum are organising the November 21 conference at PU Law College auditorium. Assistance will come from the Punjab government, Higher Education Commission, Punjab Education Department, Pak Turk International Educational Foundation, Journalists and Writers Foundation and Harmony Publications. 

Talking to media, Yesilova further said that speakers from Pakistan, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Northern Ireland and the US had been invited to shed light on the thoughts of Fethullah Gulen, who had inspired an immense civil society movement known as “Hizmet Movement” in Turkey since the late 1960’s and had evolved and grown to encompass many facts of social life. 

He said that Fethullah Gulen was pioneer of the positive action that contributed to social welfare and peace in Turkey and worldwide through education. He said the movement of voluntary people was trying to act as a bridge in realizing unity in diversity, synergy, social innovation, interaction and dialogue between the members of different cultures and civilization. Yesilova was of the view that the speakers would share their research and experience with Hizmet, now active in over 140 countries, on the topics and themes such as democracy and faith-based activism, Gulen’s philosophy on life, meaning and language, Hizmet perspectives on education and case studies on Hizmet.

Published on Dailytimes.com.pk, November 20, 2012

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